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Proliferation Financing Risks for the Tech and other industries

Proliferation Financing is a whole area of risk that organisations often fail to assess as part of their overall sanctions and terrorist financing risk management.  Sectors at particular risk include electronics or computer equipment as a result of high risk ‘dual use’ items. Dual-use items are goods, software, technology, documents and diagrams which can be used […]

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Criminal convicted as a result of photo holding a lump of cheese

Criminal caught in a Mousetrap

In what must be one of the most bizarre convictions we have come across, Carl Stewart a prolific drug dealer was caught as a result of his love of cheese!! This is the latest success following the Police cracking the code for Encrochat a chat app favoured by the criminals. In this case the Police […]

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Is this the worst ‘insider’ fraud case of the year?

In what has to be one of the worst cases we have seen a member of a bank’s anti-fraud team has been jailed for selling customers’ details in a £90,000 scam. Bilal Abbas, who worked for Santander, helped conmen buy luxury goods using stolen account details.  Pictures seized from one of the crook’s phone showed […]

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Make sure its only your heart that gets stolen this Valentine

Romance scammers will be out in full force this valentine so please be careful if you are looking for love on dating apps this valentine period. Scammers may not be just after your money they may also lure you into helping them with their criminal activities by asking you to transfer money on their behalf, […]

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fraud awareness workshops

Fraud Prevention Workshops

As part of our partnership with Intelect Group we have a series of 1 hr workshops coming up in February which should be essential for any organisation seriously looking to reduce their fraud risks.  We see fraud on the increase across all sectors and sizes of businesses, partly as a result of the criminals cashing in on […]

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How to check a ‘Track and Trace’ communication is genuine.

As we said in our previous post we are unfortunately seeing an increasing number of criminals exploiting the current situation. We knew it wouldn’t take long for the criminals to start exploiting the UK Track and Trace System. This is likely to be a real problem as we know the track and trace app notifications […]

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Is your organisation at increased risk from Internal Fraud?

It is important to remember that the vast majority of people who work for you are trustworthy and honest. Unfortunately however there are examples of a minority of people exploiting the current situation to take advantage of their employers. In desperate times, desperate people can do desperate things. This could be anything from falsifying sickness or […]

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Covid19 scams and cybercrime warning

Coronavirus – stay safe online

With more people working and socialising online due to Covid-19 (Coronavirus) unfortunately there comes a greater risk of cybercrime. Criminals will try to exploit people’s fears to try to obtain information or money or to spread malicious software. We want individuals and businesses to stay safe online and therefore we hope the following 10 tips […]

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Criminals Exploiting Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

It is important to remember that the vast majority of people who offer or provide services in times of crisis do so with the best of intentions. Unfortunately there are examples of a minority of people exploiting the current situation to take advantage of vulnerable people. This minority could be organised criminals, ordinary people or […]

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