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    FMRC is part of The Financial Crime Management Group

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Would you like to have your own in-house Anti-Financial Crime Specialist on-demand but at a fraction of the cost?

Financial crime, including fraud, bribery, and money laundering is a big threat to all organisations. Good financial crime risk management is about being proactive, creating the right culture and taking a holistic approach that looks at people as well as processes.

Most organisations have the capability to implement a successful anti-financial crime programme but usually need a point in the right direction from a specialist resource. That specialist resource often comes in the form of an in-house subject matter expert who can be an expensive and disproportionate first response. Fraud Management Resource Centre provides that SME support in the form of an on-line self-serve hub of guidance and tools.

We have devised and written an online package that enables users to put the different building blocks of their financial crime Programme in place.  The Self-Assessment Tool provides a unique focus for identifying areas for improvement as well as also providing a benchmark from which progress can be measured. From that self-assessment, organisations can implement a coherent Programme using the other tools within the package in the safe knowledge that they are doing so based on up to date information and cross-industry best practice.

All members also have our email support line available to answer specific queries or to consider requests for additional information or resources.

So why delay, subscribe today and start putting your anti-financial crime Programme in place. Let FMRC get and keep you up to date with best in class financial crime management practices. We also offer bespoke packages, white labelled hubs as well as traditional face to face advice and training. We can help you to deliver innovative solutions to reduce the risk of financial crime in your organisation. Please get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

Before starting on these however we would recommend you get familiar with our approach to financial crime risk management through our short 3 min video.