The Ethics Challenge

What is the Ethics Challenge

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As part of our training and advisory services we have designed and delivered various training solutions. We understand that mandatory or heavily rules based training can often be seen as dry and uninspiring. In an effort to lighten things up and focus on the wider picture we have teamed up with Elgood Effective Learning to bring you a new approach to face to face financial crime awareness training which we can deliver to your organisation:- ‘The Ethics Challenge: Financial Crime Addition’.

This approach uses management simulations to raise awareness of the reasons why fraud and other financial crime occurs, the impact on the business and how to reduce the risk. The simulation uses board papers to generate debate around issues such as bribery, misreporting, executive pay, modern slavery and false accounting. Each board paper allows for a selection of actions all of which have business consequences. Find out more about this simulation and view an example discussion paper about the misreporting of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

The Ethics Challenge is a business simulation game that brings to life some of the decisions that have to be made in a business context and the impact of those decisions on staff’s perception of the management and the public’s perception of the organisation.

The Challenge encourages participants to:

  • Make business decisions referenced to a set of values.
  • Explicitly consider the impact of their decisions on a range of stakeholders.
  • Recognise the importance of Leadership Trust and consider how to build and sustain it.
  • Explore the drivers for Corporate Reputation and consider its impact on overall business performance.

The Challenge is designed for all those within an organisation who have some responsibility for making decisions which will impact on the credibility of the business in the eyes of key stakeholders and for ensuring the long-term sustainability of the business.

The Ethics Challenge is a flexible activity that can be used in a variety of different formats. Options include:

  • A one day facilitated event. e.g. to support an initiative to improve corporate governance.
  • A series of linked sessions spread across a number of days or week. e.g. lunch and learn sessions.
  • Incorporation into a wider development programme. e.g. as part of a wider leadership development programme.

Let us help you to reduce the impact of fraud and other financial crime on your organisation.