A Comprehensive Solution to Fraud and other Financial Crime Management

Fraud, money laundering, bribery and corruption and other financial crime affects profitability and undermines staff morale. Not making adequate provisions to regulate fraud and other financial crime within your organisation could cause you compliance issues and damage your reputation. Corporate fraud and financial crime ranges from seemingly innocuous ‘creative accounting’ to bribery, money laundering, cybercrime and modern slavery. Whatever the type or scale it’s an issue that cannot be ignored.
Regulators advise that many organisations have very good policies and procedures on paper but fail to effectively and consistently implement them. FMRC provides you with the advice and tools to successfully implement an effective Programme covering: fraud, money laundering, bribery and other financial crime.

Five reasons to subscribe

1. Save money:

Every UK company is estimated to lose 5% of its turnover to fraud each year*. It’s highly likely therefore that, irrespective of its size, your firm is losing money to fraud. By using our service to help you to reduce the risk of fraud and other financial crime you could recover the cost of your subscription and make a contribution to your bottom line.

2. Save time:

Using our cross industry experience we have curated and refined the masses of information available about fraud, money laundering, bribery and corruption and other financial crime risk management to provide you with a single source of reference. Members also benefit from a dedicated email support facility where they can ask questions to help them find the right answers quickly.

3. Develop shared knowledge:

Most organisations are quite capable of implementing an anti fraud Programme given guidance. We aim to explain things in a way that can be readily understood by anyone regardless of their expertise so that all the functions involved in the process, HR, Legal, IT etc., can have input, and best practice becomes part of corporate culture.

4. Be effective:

There is not a one size fits all solution to financial crime risk management as organisations face differing regulatory and legal controls, and often an overwhelming amount of them. FMRC can help you to tailor your approach and, by encouraging a risk-based pragmatic, proportionate, professional response to staying legal and compliant, ensure that you prioritise the most critical issues. We also believe that ethical organisations are sustainable successful organisations and therefore we focus on people as well as process.
Rather than disciplines within your organisation working in silos and duplicating work, where there are common solutions or good practice this knowledge can be shared avoiding duplication and creating a consistent approach.

5. Keep Up:

New legislation, more regulation and changing criminal threats mean keeping up to date is a challenge but FMRC simplifies it. Using our expertise we filter information from our network of industry sources, identifying relevant updates and refreshing our guidance and resources to keep you ahead of the game.
*Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Report 2016