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Fraud Management Resource Centre brings together FOUR key elements to help you and your company prevent, deter and respond to fraud.

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Introducing Fraud Management Resource Centre on Biteable.


intro1b1. Resource Centre

The comprehensive up to date Resource Centre gives you the tools you need. Access up to date resources such as risk assessment tools, policy templates, training materials and checklists. 
All resources are constantly refreshed to keep them up to date and relevant for legislative and regulatory changes.


intro2b 2. The Guide

Our unique Guide will direct you through industry best practice to prevent, deter and respond to fraud, with clear links through to the resources and how to use them effectively.




3. Self-Assessment Tool

Use our Organisational Capability Self-Assessment Tool to assess your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses in fraud management arrangements and identify which sections of our Guide are most relevant to you.



intro4b4. Updates and News

Through our members’ updates we will
identify relevant topics and focus on
specific actions to take.
You will also be kept up to date with the latest news.
Our members’ updates and news articles all contain clear links through to relevant sections of our Guide, which is regularly updated to reflect that latest news or topic of interest.



Why Manage The Risk

Failure to adequately manage the risk of fraud may increase the chances of financial loss, reputational damage, share price volatility and unbudgeted investigation, accountancy and legal costs.

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