Make sure its only your heart that gets stolen this Valentine

Romance scammers will be out in full force this valentine so please be careful if you are looking for love on dating apps this valentine period.

Scammers may not be just after your money they may also lure you into helping them with their criminal activities by asking you to transfer money on their behalf, purchase or transport goods for them. They will then use the fact that you have conspired with them to blackmail you, pressure you in to other things or simply as a way of getting you not to go to the police or your bank.

We are not dating experts but there are some simple rules to follow.

8 Rules for Dating

Based on reports that it has received, Action Fraud recommends that when dating, you should never:

  • Send them money;
  • Give them access to your bank account; 
  • Transfer money on their behalf; 
  • Take a loan out for them; 
  • Provide copies of your personal documents such as passports or driver’s licenses; 
  • Invest your own money on their behalf or on their advice; 
  • Purchase and send the codes on gift cards from Amazon or iTunes; 
  • Agree to receive and/or send parcels on their behalf – such as laptops and mobile phones.

If you are worried that you may have been a victim of romance fraud or currently being pressured by someone who has asked you to do illegal things in the past, then please report this to action fraud.

According to Action Fraud over £68m was lost to romance fraud in 2020. Don’t let the next victim be you or someone you care for.

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