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As a member you are welcome to download and copy these within your organisation. These resources are being continually updated and refreshed for legislative and regulatory changes as well as business improvements, and for this reason we recommend that you always access the most up to date versions of the resources directly from this website rather than relying on your own local copies.

Here are some examples of resources available to our subscribers


Fraud Checklist for directors and Senior managers
Anti Fraud and Corruption Policy Template
Work Plan Template
Fraud Risk Register Template
Gifts and Hospitality register
Gifts and Hospitality Policy Template
Conflicts of Interest Register
Information/IT Security Policy
Organisational Capability Self Assessment
Fraud Risk Assessment Example
Why people commit fraud
Fraud Risk Analysis Template
Business Area Fraud Risk Assessment Template
Taxonomy of Fraud
Code Of Conduct Template.doc
Why Tackle Fraud


Fraud Awareness Staff Survey Template
Fraud Proofing Policies and Procedures
Fraud Awareness Generic Business
Fraud Awareness Housing Associations
Fraud Awareness for Regulated Firms – Outline Training Template
Partnership checklist
StakeHolder Map
Key Messages for Contractors
Key Messages to staff Handout
Draft Declarations
Seven Principles of Public Life
Example Review of Policies
Sample Fraud SLA and contract clauses
Communications Strategy Template


Fraud Advisory Panel Overview of RIPA
Fraud Advisory Panel investigations and Data Protection Act
Investigation Principles
Fraud Indicators
Whistleblowing Handout
Fishbone Diagram Template
FAP Introduction to Civil Recovery
FAP Introduction to Fraud Detection
Introduction to parallel Sanctions
Investigations and Data Security
Fraud Response Plan FMRC Template
Fraud Offences Handout
Affinity Diagram
Whistleblowing Policy Template
Final closure report example