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Tip 9 – Planning your response to fraud

Which of these best describes your organisation’s response to a fraud or cybercrime attack?       No system of internal control can provide absolute assurance against fraud occurring. As a result, organisations’ s should develop a system for prompt, competent, and confidential review, investigation, and resolution of instances of non-compliance and allegations involving potential […]

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Tip 8 – What is the role of HR in fighting fraud?

An holistic fraud strategy requires a team effort involving many different disciplines such as: Finance, Legal, Audit, Risk and HR. But do each team know what their role is in fighting fraud? We have produced the below infographic that explains how HR can be involved in fighting fraud throughout the employee lifecycle.   If you […]

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Tip 7 – Do you have effective whistleblowing procedures?

A confidential channel for employees, contractors, suppliers and customers to report concerns is an essential element of a holistic fraud strategy. Here are 5 reasons why people don’t raise concerns – so avoid these elements if you want to have an effective whistleblowing procedure. Barriers to effective whistleblowing No corrective action – Employees who were […]

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Tip 6 – Looking for the Dog that Doesn’t Bark……

So what have Fraud Detection Techniques and Sherlock Holmes got in Common? RECOGNIZING WHAT IS MISSING In Arthur Conan Doyle’s short story ‘Silver Blaze’, Sherlock Holmes has to solve the riddle of a missing race horse and a murdered stable boy. The solution to this case depended on a detection technique that’s far from new, but that […]

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Tip 4 – Link up with Health & Safety Colleagues

A recent article outlining the key findings of the investigation into the Chernobyl disaster made me realise the links between Health and Safety issues and Fraud. One of the findings from Chernobyl was that a lack of Health and Safety culture played a significant role in the disaster. This is not dissimilar to the need […]

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Tip 3 – Invoice Fraud Warning

Account Takeover and Corporate ID theft are a real problem. To help prevent fraudsters redirecting payments to their bank account why not put the following simple warning at the bottom of all your invoices. That way you can remind your customers and clients that you will never advise them of a change of bank details by […]

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Tip 2 – Email a constant reminder to staff

This quick tip is all about raising cybercrime awareness using the Financial Fraud Action (UK) Ltd (FFA) ‘Take 5’ campaign. The campaign is backed by City of London Police and CIFAS. Why not get staff to add the above ‘Take 5’ image to their email signatures which will not only raise awareness across your staff, […]

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Tip 1 – Christmas Gifts and Hospitality

With Christmas fast approaching now is the perfect time to review your code of conduct and remind people about your Gifts and Hospitality Policy. A Gifts and Hospitality Policy and Gifts and Hospitality register is one element of having effective procedures to manage the risk of Bribery. Our policy and register templates, and policy reviews can […]

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