Understanding the risks to your organisation – How to conduct a Fraud Risk Assessment

As part of our support for The ACFE Fraud Week we are providing organisations with guidance and resources to help them conduct a Fraud Risk Assessment.

Our guidance will help you:

  • Identify the key risks and who is responsible for managing them;
  • Consider the impact of potential frauds;
  • Assess the scale/likelihood of the risk of fraud occurring;
  • Identify/evaluate the adequacy of existing controls to mitigate the risk;
  • Implement revised controls/action plan for the future, and
  • Monitor and Review the impact of actions.

Our free resources include:

  • A Business Area Fraud Risk Assessment Template  to aid your assessment of high risk areas of the business.
  • A Fraud Risk Analysis Template to collate the different fraud risks in each area of the business. Then enter each of the identified risks on your risk register.
  • example Consequence (Impact) and Likelihood Measures
Premium content available includes our unique Taxonomy of Fraud which provides a comprehensive reference point for the different fraud types and key controls.
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