Bringing your anti-Fraud Programme to Life

As part of our support for Fraud Awareness week we are providing organisations with guidance and resources to help bring your anti fraud programme to life.

Creating an anti-fraud culture involves:

  • Having a clear statement of ethical values;
  • Maintaining good staff morale
  • Promoting awareness of fraud for staff, Board members, suppliers and customers;
  • Recruiting honest staff (checking references etc); and
  • Establishing a clear anti-fraud policy and fraud response plan.

Our free resources include:

  • Why people commit fraud  (Help For Managers in Understanding why people might be motivated to commit fraud and how they can help manage that risk – downloadable powerpoint
  • Why Tackle Fraud (Help to communicate to Senior Managers why it makes business sense to tackle fraud -downloadable powerpoint)
  • Fraud Awareness Staff Survey Template  (Suggested survey for assessing the impact of fraud awareness training and messages)
  • Ideas to help bring your campaign to life
Premium content available includes additional learning materials covering: Anti Bribery and Corruption; Anti-money laundering; Terrorist Financing and Sanction; Conflicts of Interest. We also have numerous other resource templates, guides and ideas to help bring your anti-fraud programme to life.
You may also be interested in our newly launched face to face interactive fraud awareness learning – The Ethics Challenge (Fraud Edition).
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