We are supporting charity fraud awareness week – Let us show you how

Charity Fraud Awareness Week – Let Us Show You How

This week is Charity Fraud Awareness Week  and we are showing our support by not only helping to share great advice and resources provided by organisations such as the Fraud Advisory Panel and the Charity Commission we are going to be running our ‘Let us show you how’ campaign each day this week.

What does this mean?

Each day there will be great content and resources with some great advice – we are going to ‘show you how’ to convert that in to practical action that does not require any prior knowledge of managing fraud risks. We will ‘show you how’ you can integrate effective fraud risk management into your other risk management processes, compliance programs and operational procedures.

Each day we will provide a 5 minute digest to prompt discussion and challenge organisations to identify an action they are going to take to move things forward. By the end of the week you will therefore have 5 practical things you have pledged to do. If you choose to share those with us we can also send you a reminder each quarter to check how you are getting on.

Why is this important?

We have experience across a number of different regulated sectors and will therefore bring learnings and perspective from those other areas to add to the discussion. One consistent theme from the different sectors is that there is plenty of guidance out there but many organisations still struggle to implement and operate procedures in a consistent way. For this reason we believe it is important that we ‘show you how‘ to make sure your policies and procedures are operating effectively.

We are also going to be running Q & A sessions #charityfraudout online through our social media channels so check these out too!

How much will this cost?

Absolutely nothing – £nil !  (Other than some of your time!)

This is part of our commitment to helping great organisations defeat all forms of economic crime including fraud, bribery, corruption, terrorist financing, and money laundering.

How do I get this information?

There a 3 easy ways:

  1. We will be posting updates on our website so simply visit our news feed each day, or
  2. Follow us on the usual social media platforms using the buttons at the top of the page, or
  3. Subscribe to our special mailing list using the contact form below and we will deliver the content direct to your mailbox each day.

What next?

We will be liking and retweeting other posts so please join us in keeping #charityfraudout.

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