April Newsletter

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In April’s Edition

In Focus
The new UK Money Laundering Regulations 2017

Fraud Management Top Tips
Information Commissioner’s Office Videos
Travel Fraud – run a timely fraud awareness campaign

Regulatory/Legal Update
The Criminal Finance Bill;
The Great Repeal Bill – UK Exit from EU;

Corporate Criminal Liability;
Modern Slavery in Supply Chains Bill;
Charities Commission Essential Finance Guidance for Trustees;

Whats New? 
New AML Super Supervisory Body Launched;
Transparency in Overseas Owned UK Property;New HMRC Hotline Launched;
New Financial Sanctions Penalties Launched;
Universities Centres of Cyber Security Excellence;
Ethical Standards Review for Outsourced Public Service Providers;
CMA Hotline and Guidance on Cartels;
FCA Discussion on Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchains)

Fraud Alerts

Waste Scam Warning for Farmers and Landowners;
Fake Financial Conduct Authority Emails;
PBX/Dial Through Fraud;
Outsourced IT Services Threat

What’s New in Fraud Management resource Centre?
New Charities Tool;
COSO Fraud Risk Management Principles

Webex Virtual Tours
New E-learning Centre
Face to Face Training

Cases in the news 
SFO Ethical Forestry Investment Investigation
SFO to reach DPA with Tesco PLC

Mortgage obtained using False Wage Slips
HMRC Investigate Global Financial Institution
Illegal Cartels
Immigration Fraud

What’s on?
Upcoming conferences

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